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Central Bible Leadership Institute
With new leaders comes change. The Territorial Leadership Institute was renamed the Central Bible Leadership Institute in 1980. Despite this change, the concept remains the same today: to nurture and strengthen The Salvation Army community so that they can continue to meet the needs of others and provide spiritual guidance.
While learning new leadership skills, campers of all ages participate in sports, tournaments, and recreation during the day, and a myriad of evening programs including carnival games, lip sync battles, and listening to inspiring messages from leaders.
Each year leaders, officers, and families from all over the Central Territory come to Wonderland Camp to refresh their minds, bodies, and spirits.
Bible Camp Yesterday
Territorial Leadership Institute
Territorial Leadership Institute (TLI) began in 1944 after Brigadier and Mrs. Dallas P. Leader envisioned a program that would serve Salvation Army soldiers and officers through fellowship, studying the Bible, and becoming spiritually and physically refreshed. Through this program, adults of all ages were welcome to take leadership courses taught by Salvation Army leaders. These classes supplied them with a renewed vision and vigor to spread the Word of God.
Families and individuals were encouraged to bring bibles, brass instruments, and a big smile to Camp Lake, Wisconsin, Through laughter, camaraderie, and the love of Christ, campers drew strength from their community to promote God’s work. A Salvation Army officer noted, “These [classes combined] with other unforgettable services add blessings and draws us closer to God. . . .” Territorial Leadership Institute became a successful spiritual and recreational program that has been held for both individuals and families continuously for more than seventy-five years.