Music Camp

Music Camp Today
“Music is a Form of Prayer, Uniting People Everywhere”
                                                                      -Toru Takemitsu
Music has always been an integral part of the Salvation Army and its ministry. Providing both the “expression of a joyous faith and a form of recreation,” music was a program that easily transferred to the camp experience.
Beginning in the 1920s, young musicians of all skill levels learned the beauty of Gospel Arts at camp. The intention was to improve the quality of The Army’s own music, “ . . . not through the glorification of the organization or the individual, but rather that we may more beautifully and fittingly offer our praise to God . . . ” Supported by leaders and music experts, young campers gained experience and confidence through playing musical instruments and becoming a part of the band or chorus.
Music Camp Yesterday
“Music Allows a Child’s Heart to Sing”
Today, The Salvation Army continues the tradition of training developing musicians and helping to shape their skills. Many camps offer week-long programs and micro music days, giving budding musicians the opportunity to sharpen their skills while appreciating God’s creation.
The Central Music Institute (CMI), held at Wonderland Camp, is the most advanced Music and Creative Arts Ministries camp in the Central Territory. Its expanded curriculum offers concentrated courses of study in audiovisual production, dance, drama, leadership development, and praise team. For musicians, CMI provides instruction in conducting, composition, instrumental and vocal techniques, intonation training, music appreciation and theory. The programming is designed to allow campers to discover and develop their talents, which they can then apply to their local corps ministry.