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Cartoon depicting World War I soldier eating a doughnut

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Photograph of 19th century women's Salvation Army uniform
Person standing outside red cargo van. Person wears EDS hat and face mask

Actions Speak Louder than Words

  Written by Amy Sparks, Registrar   In the van, on our way to a homeless shelter, Major Cheri Hobbins ...

Salvation Army offiers wearing face masks bow their heads in prayer, one holds sign honoring George Floyd

A Fearless Church

Minneapolis, MN Prayer Walk, June 2, 2020. Images courtesy Northern Division. Written by Jolie Diepenhorst, Curator   The world is ...

A group of men and women posing with US flags and a wreath decorated with glowers and doughnuts

A New Chapter in Doughnut Day History

  This oh so tasty annual event is generally said to have begun over 80 years ago on June 6, ...

A group of adults, nurses and babies are seated and standing on the front porch of a building.

The Last Best Friend – The Salvation Army’s Offer of Hope

Babies, officers and advisory board members sit in front of the Omaha, NE Booth Memorial Home and Hospital, c. 1920s. ...