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A photograph showing an exhibit gallery


Photograph showing two women wearing facemasks. The women are talking and pointing to a museum exhibit case. Other people can be seen in the backgground.


Photograph showing the interior of an exhibit gallery. Exhibit cases can be seen in the background with artifacts inside. One of the cases is decorated to look like a log camp cabin. In the foreground is a tent with artificial fire and bench.


Adjutant Helen McClellen and Miss Betty Tenney serving servicemen from mobile unit photographed September 10 1942


Photograph of a World War I soldier seated at a table with writing material and a dominoes set in front of him. He holds a pen and looks at a blank piece of paper as if deciding what to write in a letter.


Photograph showing an open drawer holding several Salvation Army pins. Each pin is in an individual small paper box.


A cartoon showing a World War I soldier eating a doughnut and holding a splashing cup of coffee. Text reads "Doughnuts Today at 4.30 pm."
A photograph of a silver tall bike as found in an abandoned workroom

A Not-So-Standard Standard Bike

For the past 102 years, The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) facility at ...

Black and white photo of a United States sailor in uniform kissing a woman in a suit. The couple are outside and landscape plants and shrubs can be seen in the background.

A Recordio-Gram Proposal

Oscar and Mary Alice’s first kiss as husband and wife, 1944. Guest post by ...

Split screen photo. Image on left shows the 2020 Chicago Staff Band membership. This includes men, women, white and Black musicians. The image on the right shows the 1928 Chicago Staff Band. All of the musicians are white men.

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

Written by Jolie Diepenhorst, Curator   I admit it. I was slow to jump ...

A man holding an old fashioned camera while sitting on the back of a mule

Edward Justus Parker: From Elgin, Around the World, and Back Again

When you were a kid, did anyone ever tell you that unless you do ...