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Cartoon depicting World War I soldier eating a doughnut

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Photograph of 19th century women's Salvation Army uniform
A group of adults, nurses and babies are seated and standing on the front porch of a building.

The Last Best Friend – The Salvation Army’s Offer of Hope

Babies, officers and advisory board members sit in front of the Omaha, NE Booth Memorial Home and Hospital, c. 1920s. ...

A woman wearing a hat and coat smiles for the camera while packing a cardboard box with food.

Unmasking an Experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by Amy Sparks, Registrar I find I often use objects to navigate, understand, and reflect on life. While I ...

A Million Acts of Kindness

“One of my favorite things in the collection is this photo (shown above) from WWII. It represents such a volatile ...

A Salvation Army canteen vehicle shown coming off of a United States Air Force cargo plane.

There When You Need Them

“Every time I see this photo, I get misty.  Because it means that the cavalry has just arrived.” – Nanci ...