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Cartoon depicting World War I soldier eating a doughnut

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Photograph of 19th century women's Salvation Army uniform
Split screen photo. Image on left shows the 2020 Chicago Staff Band membership. This includes men, women, white and Black musicians. The image on the right shows the 1928 Chicago Staff Band. All of the musicians are white men.

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

Written by Jolie Diepenhorst, Curator   I admit it. I was slow to jump on the Hamilton train, the Broadway musical originally ...

A man holding an old fashioned camera while sitting on the back of a mule

Edward Justus Parker: From Elgin, Around the World, and Back Again

When you were a kid, did anyone ever tell you that unless you do X you will never amount to ...

A form from the 1900 US Census

Becoming A Part of History: Why the Census is Important

Written by Jean Crockett, Museum Archives Aide   If you find yourself asking why you should spend the time completing ...

A Soldier’s Tour de France

Professional sports are only one industry affected by the global coronavirus pandemic.  Currently, hundreds of professional cyclists, coaches, and support ...