Black and White graphic label showing two single engine trainer aircraft from the 1940s with text "Hans's War: The Salvation Army Story of Hans Mach"

In 1941, eighteen-year-old Hans Mach had a choice: he could wait for the draft notice to arrive and almost certainly serve in the Army infantry, or he could volunteer and select the Air Force or Navy. Either way, he was required to become a cog in the German war machine.

Hans spent more than three and a half years in nineteen different prisoner of war camps in Europe and the United States. During this time he learned a new language, found a career, made life long friends, and became a soldier (church member) in The Salvation Army.

Hans’s War: The Salvation Army Story of Hans Mach traces his experiences during World War II, his prisoner of war experience, immigration to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and how The Salvation Army led him back to Jesus and made a lasting impact on his life.

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