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Celebrities often use their notoriety to help direct the attention of their fans toward organizations and initiatives that they support. Over the decades, numerous local, regional, and national celebrities and prominent civic organizations have lent their star power to The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign.

In 1938 Shirley Temple posed as a bellringer for The Salvation Army. Other celebrities who have endorsed The Salvation Army have included popular civic clubs, A-list movie stars, music legends, and even former US First Ladies.  Their exposure, whether it is within a local community or nationwide, helps to spread the message that the money raised by the Red Kettle Campaign is used to provide essential services to those in need in our communities.

Athletes and sports teams have also encouraged donations. Since 1997 the Dallas Cowboys have used their national audience to promote the Red Kettle Campaign. Jerry Jones and his family have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with The Salvation Army. Each year, for more than twenty years, the Dallas Cowboys football team has helped Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with a game and a spectacular halftime show. The Red Kettle Kickoff Halftime Show features musicians, spectacular pyrotechnics, and a very large Red Kettle.

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Black and white photograph showing a young Shirley Temple wearing a dress, cape and Salvaiton Army bonnet. Temple is holding a handbell and standing next to a kettle stand.
Shirley Temple lent her support to the 1939 Red Kettle Campaign.
Black and white photo showing three men wearing cowboy style clothing and one female Salvationist who is wearing a cape. The four stand around a red kettle stand. Two of the men are ringing handbells.
Three cowboys from Colonel Gatewood's Flying X Rodeo pose at a kettle stand with Helen Sutherland, c. 1940s. Photo by H A Atwell Studio
Black and white photograph showing two men wearing suits and fedora style hats, holding hand bells. The men stand on either side of an iron kettle with placard above that reads "Roatary Day The Salvation Army Christmas Dinner"
Peoria, IL Rotary International bellringers at Salvation Army Red Kettle stand. C. 1940s - 1950s.
Black and white photograph showing a street scene from the early 1970s. Several men pose with a woman while others look on. The central figures all hold plastic tubs which bear The Salvation Army Red Shield Logo. Signs in the background inform viewers that these are members of the Chicago Bears football team and Miss World USA Sandy Wolsfeld.
The Chicago Bears and Miss World USA 1970-71, Sandy Wolsfeld, used their star power to solicit donations for the Red Kettle Campaign.
Color photo of two men wearing winter coats, aprons which read "I am a bell ringer" and "WOWT" signs around their necks. The men stand in front of a yellow Salvation Army canteen truck
Two reporters from WOWT Omaha, NE pose in front of a Salvation Army canteen truck.
Color photograph showing former First Lady Barbara Bush holding a handbell. Mrs. Bush is looking at a kettlestand placard that reads "Sharing is Caring God bless you... The Salvation Army Need has no season"
Former First Lady Barbara Bush supported The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign
Color photograph showing a woman and two men standing around a kettle stand. The three pose on the field of a football stadium.
2011 Red Kettle Kickoff Halftime Show featuring Dallas Cowboys football team owner Jerry Jones, Charlotte Jones Anderson, and Commissioner William Roberts. Photo by Bob Brady
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