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A black and white photograph showing a group of men and women all wearing military inspired Salvation Army WWI uniforms. The people have an assortment of luggage, M17 helmets, and gas masks in their bag holders
The second contingent of Salvationists to sail for France. The group, which left the US on September 13, 1917 included Adjutant Margaret Sheldon and Lt. Colonel William Barker.
A Salvation Army full page advertisement seeking women to go to France to provide humanitarian aid to soldiers.
Advertisement seeking women to serve in The Salvation Army War Service.

Toiling with the Allies Overseas

The first American combat troops arrived in France in June 1917. Shortly after, on August 12th, 11 Salvation Army War Service Workers sailed for France on the Espagne. The group, made up of a married couple, three single women and six single men, began their ministry in the trenches.

To recruit War Service volunteers, advertisements were placed in the War Service Herald. The ads noted “tourists or butterflies” need not apply. Applicants were required to have Christian hearts and be prepared to work hard and sacrifice as much as the soldiers they were going to serve.

In total, 244 Salvationist men and women served the American troops during combat in France and post-war occupation duties in Germany.


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