Photo collage featuring all five members of The Burdick Family. Includes text The Burdicks: a Glimpse at a Family Through Treasures Left Behind
During our lifetime we acquire objects which make up our daily lives along with mementos from significant life events. Upon promotion to Glory, these possessions are left behind. Sometimes we share the stories and personal meanings of special items with family and friends, but too often these stories become lost in time.
Through historical research, information learned from descendants, and tracing their Salvation Army service records we can take a glimpse into the Burdick’s lives. So much still remains a mystery. As you explore the exhibit, imagine how the family might have acquired these objects, used them, and the stories they may reveal.
Photo collage of Burdick Family with text Meet the Burdicks
Map of France with text "The Treasures"
A photo of a page from the Bible with text The Saunders Burdick Family Bible
Artifacts in exhibit case, text Exhibit Virtual Tour

A Soldier’s Tour de France

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A group of men and women posing with US flags and a wreath decorated with glowers and doughnuts

A New Chapter in Doughnut Day History

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All objects in this exhibit are gifts of Pamela Feack in memory of Floyd O. “Pa” and Samantha Minerva “Minnie/ Ma” Saunders Burdick, Cecil May Burdick Goodwin, Grace Belle Burdick Yates, and Fern Ann Goodwin Feack